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Why choose
Aldex Coaching?

Because you benefit from: A solid background in Coaching.| A strong knowledge in Leadership around the world.| A recognized experience in management. | An understanding of cultural diversity in organizations. | An insight to turn opportunities into reality. | An adjunct booster in communication and collaborative actions.

What we do:

• NLP interventions (All our coaches are certified).
• Develop emotional intelligence to manage rupture strategies in organizations.
• Promote non-violent communication good practices.
• Advocate well-being, progress in respect for everyone and every culture.

Our Services

Our Values:

We are committed to offer exceptional value for our clients with respect among all people and everyone, to foster a high level of integrity, beneficence and social responsibility.
• Promote a high level of Ethics.
• Deliver superior services.
• Create value for our clients.
• Contribute to progress.
• Collaborate for the sustainable development of society.

About Us


Aldex Coaching is committed to be a global leader to create for everyone a more prosperous, harmonious and eco-friendly society for a better tomorrow.


Aldex Coaching delivers upscale coaching services to businesses and individuals to upgrade their potential, foster creativity and generate action power to embrace change opportunities with openness, enthusiasm and respect for all.


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